joi, 28 august 2014

Good news, an Etsy shop!

Hello everybody and please excuse me for neglecting this spot for so long.
Life has been a bit crazy( chaos tends to happen :)) )lately,which resulted in a few important decisions.
1. I allocated myself an year to try and see how I can make a living if I quit my day job and dedicate my time to crafting...this resulted in quite a few new items :) . Please check out my shop and support my fight for freedom :) .
2. I finally set up an Etsy shop! So now you can have access to all my stuff with nice English descriptions and an easy&safe way to buy them.
Here it is, welcome to my little emporium :) Marmotescu

And in case you wonder how my latest items look like....
necklace 'It almost smells like autumn' you can find matching earrings in the shop
Bracelet 'Autumnal fuchsias'
and matching earrings
and a set of necklace+earrings
You can find these and many more in the shop. Almost daily updates,so please stop dropping by :).

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