luni, 15 octombrie 2012

Don't you just love roses?

Hello everyone on this rather nippy foggy Monday morning! Don't get depressed by the weather outside,come in and smell the roses! This lovely wreath can decorate a shabby chic space or the room of a little princess. It also makes a nice present, and it's currently on discount. my shop

3 comentarii:

  1. Foarte fain colierul tau! Mai ales combinatia de culori te indulceste instantaneu :)

  2. Multumesc! Doar ca asta nu e colier,e coronita de pus pe perete :). Am si colier, il postez imediat :)

  3. :))
    e atat de dragalasa incat ar merge purtata ca si colier! Sau coronita de zana pt diverse costume de petrecere cu tematica.